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Writing an IEQ Entry

IEQ consists of 523 alphabetically arranged entries in five categories, based on their length:

These entries comprise all concepts, events, person, places, and things mentioned in the Qur’an. Writing a short (1-2 page) entry is far easier than a special entry, but all entries are based on primary Islamic sources and have certain common features and follow IEQ structure:

Each category has certain distinct features; there are also features common to all entries. All entries begin by defining the title: “Definitions and Usage”

Writing a short Entry

▪ STEP 1

Define, in the most precisely manner, what the entry is about. For example, the entry “Bābil” begins as: An ancient Mesopotamian city in present-day Iraq, where some Israelites learned sorcery, mentioned once in the Qurʾān (Q 2:102).

• STEP 2

Explain what the word/term means etymologically; this applies to all words used in the Qurʾān for the entry. In this case, there is only one word, Bābil:


Bābil is considered to be a derivative of balbala, infinitive noun of balbal, meaning confusion (Farāhīdī, ʿAyn). Please click here to see more instructions.